Keyboard Banger Screenshot

Sarah's Mostly Harmless Key Banger

(C) 2004-2009 by Jeremy Stanley

version 1.2 - 01 Jan 2009
Download [675 KB]


I created this program so that my toddler would be able to play with the computer (just like Mommy and Daddy) but without being able to mess things up.  We tried letting her play in Notepad, but it was never long before she accidentally switched out of the application and into other things, either by clicking the mouse, or hitting the Windows key, or whatever.

This program is designed to solve that problem.  First, it runs in a full screen, so that your toddler can't click out of it.  Second, you cannot exit this program by pressing the Windows key, or Esc, or by clicking the mouse anywhere.  Instead, press Alt+F4 to exit.  I'll repeat that, in case you're just skimming this documentation:

Press Alt+F4 to exit this program.

Okay, now that I've described that much, I should probably mention at least in passing what the program does.  Basically, it lets your toddler type text in three large colorful lines, and also draw psychedelic patterns with the mouse.  Click any mouse button to change the pattern.


Just for fun, I threw in another program called "letters", which has the same difficult-to-exit properties as Sarah's other program, but only displays one large letter in the middle of the screen.  We use it to quiz Sarah on the alphabet.


Also included is a tiny utility that will let you choose the font used by the other two programs.


This program may be distributed freely.  It carries no warranty.  The author assumes no liability for any damages resulting from the use of this program, including but not limited to a broken keyboard and/or your toddler never letting you use your computer again.