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Descent II

Callisto I screen shot Callisto I [32 KB] - This Descent II anarchy level includes many wide-open areas suitable for dogfighting, as well as a few tight tunnels to please those who enjoy a cheap kill with a Mega Missile. Also includes force-field tricks and disappearing walls triggered by motion sensors. All in all a well-rounded level.
Thork II screen shot Thork II [22 KB] - A long, dark, twisting, self-intersecting tunnel packed with weapons!
Gamma Globulin screen shot Gamma Globulin [24 KB] - (It sounds like a planet name, doesn't it? It's actually something far more unpleasant.) A small, accessible level for those who enjoy action-packed games and don't like to get lost in the maze.


Callisto3 screen shot Callisto3 [406 KB] - This D3 anarchy level encompasses a range of styles--from brick Gothic to cheesy futuristic--and includes several scripted tricks to make gameplay interesting, including a transporter which will "beam" your ship to a random location in the level! Includes the classic force-field trick from my D2 level by the same name; other than that it's a brand new level.
Pocket Entropy screen shot Pocket Entropy [116 KB] - Small D3 Entropy level designed for fast, furious gameplay with 2-4 players. Also supports CTF, Hoard, and Anarchy.
Spaghetti Squash screen shot Spaghetti Squash [247 KB] - The sequel to my Descent II level "P'Sghetti Thorkfest", this level consists of nothing but winding, intersecting tunnels. And of course it's stocked with tons of weapons. :) Supports all modes of gameplay except Monsterball.

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