TI-89 Programs

UPDATED 21 Feb 2005 - All programs were recompiled using TIGCC 0.95, so perhaps now they'll work on a TI-89 Titanium.
Also, I threw in source code for all projects and added a new game, Snakes.

All of these programs were written in C and compiled using TIGCC, an excellent (and free!) development kit for the TI-89 and 92 Plus.

These programs are NOSTUB executables and should be compatible with any hardware version of the TI-89. If you're interested in a TI-92 Plus version of one of these programs, let me know. (You'll get to test it for me since I don't have access to a 92+ myself.)

Snakes screenshot Snakes [12 KB download; 5KB on calc] - A simple game where you collect treasures while evading snakes. A clone of the old PC game by Phillip Hellewell.
Amazing screenshot Amazing [41 KB download; 6-10KB on calc depending on options] - This first-person maze game is a port of my PC version. Features grayscale texture-mapped walls. Objects are not supported (yet).
Pong screenshot Perigee Pong [9 KB download; 2329 bytes on calc] - A single-player pong game. Features several skill levels.
Plasma screenshot Plasma [7 KB download; 2217 bytes on calc] - A simple grayscale graphics demo featuring a random, moving plasma cloud.
Fire2 screenshot Fire2 [8 KB download; 2365 bytes on calc] - A cozy little fireplace for your graphing calculator. The burning fire is generated in real time.