Computer Coercion Tool

v1.1a - by Jeremy Stanley

Computer Coercion Tool If you've ever felt like beating your computer senseless with a mallet, here's your chance.  Featuring screen shaking effects and a satisfying whump.

System Requirements

  • Hardware accelerated OpenGL adapter capable of textures as large as your screen (anything relatively modern should be fine).
    • Make sure your video driver supports OpenGL acceleration.  Many times the driver that comes with Windows does not.  Get the latest driver from your PC or video card manufacturer's web site for best results.
  • Linux-specific notes:
    • Requires SDL runtime libraries (pretty much standard with any distro these days).  Also requires ImageMagick convert (which you also most likely already have), at least until I get around to interpreting xwd dumps myself.


Computer Coercion Tool for Windows [425 KB]
Source Code [89 KB; GPL licensed; requires SDL development libraries; compiles on Windows/VC6 and Linux/gcc]

The latest version of this document can be found here.

New in version 1.1a (26 Mar 06):

  • Increased polygon count to make a less angular hammer.

New in version 1.1 (03 Feb 05):

  • Fixed timing under Windows and Linux--it no longer assumes a constant CPU speed, so it will work properly on speed-throttled computers (most notebooks).
  • Fixed Linux build to compile on AMD64 platforms.

Help Wanted

I've been meaning to let this mallet "crack" the screen, but I haven't been able to find cracked glass decal textures to apply.  If you have some I could use, contact me and I'll stick them in.