Perigee Chess v3.1

by Jeremy Stanley and David Palmer

Perigee Chess Screenshot


Perigee Chess may be distributed freely, provided this documentation file is included. It may not be sold.

This program is provided "as is" and bears no warranty of any kind, not even the implied warranties of merchantibility or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall the authors be held liable for any damages resulting from the use of this program.

All trademarks referred to in this document are the property of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only.


In-Game Controls

Command Line Options

-w XXX Set window width to XXX
-h YYY Set window height to YYY
-F Run in full screen (change screen resolution to window size specified by -w and -h; Win32 only)
-b BB Set color depth to BB bits per pixel (effective only with -F)
-s XX Set animation speed (in squares per second) to XX (default = 8.0; <= 0 disables animation)
-m XX game Benchmark mode. Using AI index XX and the specified game file, time how long the AI takes to respond
-c dir Load chessmen models in directory dir (default is models/hi)
-t XXX Do timed game with XXX total seconds per player

System Requirements

Perigee Chess requires at least a P6-class CPU and a decent hardware OpenGL implementation (nVidia GeForce or ATI Radeon class). If you experience problems (such as choppy motion or bad textures), check the following:

So who did what?

New in Version 3.1  

Prior Versions

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