Perigee Slideshow

v1.2, last updated February 21 2010
(C) 2003-2010 by Jeremy Stanley

Perigee Slideshow is a command line program that searches a directory for supported graphic files and displays them in a slideshow. It has the ability to search subdirectories, as well as to sort files by creation date, modification date, or path name. Alternatively, it will accept a prebuilt list of image files from a file or standard input.


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Next slide Page Down, Enter, Space, right arrow key, left mouse button, or mouse wheel down
Prev slide Page Up, left arrow key, right mouse button, or mouse wheel up
First slide Home
Last slide End
Toggle timer t
Exit Esc

Note that the auto-advance timer will automatically stop if you manually change slides. You can press 't' to start it up again.


slideshow [options] picture_path

picture_path is either a directory or a text file containing a list of image files, with one image file per line.

Specify - for picture_path to read a list of files on stdin.

-width X Set screen width to X pixels (default 800)
-height Y Set screen height to Y pixels (default 600)
-window Run in a window (dimensions specified by -width and -height)
-name Display image filename
-advance X Automatically advance images every X seconds
-random Randomize picture order
-ready Show indicator (small green square) when next image is ready
-loop Loop back to the first image after displaying the last one
-tran XXX Use transition effect between slides, where XXX is one of the following:
  • fade
  • checkers
  • blinds
  • uncover
  • random
The following options apply only when picture_path is a directory:
-recurse Recurse into subdirectories
-sort S Sort file list, where S is one of the following:
n+ Name ascending (a-z)
n- Name descending (z-a)
ed+ Date taken, ascending (oldest first)
ed- Date taken, descending (newest first)
cd+ Create date ascending (oldest first)
cd- Create date descending (newest first)
md+ Modify date ascending (oldest first)
md- Modify date descending (newest first)


Perigee Slideshow uses the SDL_image library to load pictures. When searching directories, it looks for files matching these extensions (case insensitively):


Visual C++ 9.0 project files and a Makefile for UNIX-like systems are included. SDL and SDL_image development libraries are required on both platforms.

A Win32 graphical front end is also provided in the ssfront subdirectory. I have no plans to create a graphical front end for any other platform, but you're more than welcome to do so if you want to.


This program is free software licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License. As such, it comes with no warranty. See license.txt, enclosed in the source distribution, for details.


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