Writer's Block

by Jeremy Stanley


The Game

The object of Writer's Block is to spell words with letter-bearing blocks as they fall into a well.  When you spell a word, the blocks comprising it will vanish.  As the game progresses, the blocks will fall faster and the minimum word length will increase.  The game ends once a pile of letters reaches the top of the well.

If you spell the Bonus Word (indicated on the right side of the screen adjacent to the Next block), all blocks in the well will vanish and you'll earn a hefty point bonus.  The Bonus Word will then be replaced with a new (longer) word.


Points are awarded for each word you spell.  The base score is awarded by adding point values for each letter (think of your favorite crossword board game), and then several potential bonuses are added in:

Command Line Options

-w XXX
Set window width to XXX
-h YYY
Set window height to YYY
Run in full screen (desktop resolution)
Run in full screen (change screen resolution to window size specified by -w and -h; Win32 only)
-b BB
Set color depth to BB bits per pixel (effective only with -F)

System Requirements

Writer's Block requires at least a 586-class CPU and a decent hardware OpenGL implementation.  If you experience problems (such as choppy motion or bad textures), check the following:


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Writer's Block may be distributed freely, provided this documentation file is included.  It may not be sold.
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